podcast no 25 – the sunny saturday show

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It’s a glorious day; it’s been a glorious week. So I have some mellow songs for that mellow weekend mood. And England have 3 points in the bag!

So, to the music. Today’s show started with another song by Junk, who I played in podcast no 20. This time I played Rumour. You can buy Junk’s excellent album The Last Stand Of The Conspiracy Cowboy via their website and you can hear and purchase 3 songs via MVine records.

Then I played Hopelessly Helplessly by Simon Andrews, a 22 year old singer-songwriter from Derby.

Katey Brooks is a 21 year old from Bristol with a rich deep voice. If the rest of her songs are as good as Willing she should be one to watch out for.

To London – Ontario – for Lori Girard aka Askher, and an excellent song called Karma.

Last up, T-Spoon, who tells us little about himself, but played an excellent song called Weary Bones.

Honourable mention for help with the html code for this relocated page to Grant from Three From Leith, an excellent music podcast.

Soundbed music today was by Dave Rave and Map. The title music is by Tragic Shellsuit Disaster.


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