podcast no 26 – adrift on a sea of tranquility

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Once more, it’s a glorious summer morning here in Hampshire. England have six points, and are through to the second round, so life’s not bad. Yes, I’m adrift on a sea of tranquility.

So, on a day like this, how can I resist the temptation to play a song called Weatherman? This is by Boo Hewerdine, a hugely talented songwriter. I guarantee that you will have heard one of Boo’s songs, but probably sung by someone else. Many thanks to MVine Records for kind permission to play 2 songs from Boo Hewerdine’s recent album Harmonograph, a collection of songs written by Boo but previously recorded by others (e.g. Patience of Angels, a hit for Eddi Reader in the early 1990s).

Sleepthief is the musical project of Justin Elswick. Justin’s day job is as a music attorney; at night he transforms into a talented musician, writing and performing mellow electronica featuring guest vocalists. Just Say It is by Sleepthief featuring Kyoko Baertsoen.

Jen from Washington DC performs lyrical poetry to electronic music provided by others, under the name Mellow Dramas. Jen has kindly permitted me to play Inside Out, featuring music by Solar Moon.

Paul Aiden is a singer-songwriter from London. He is acquiring a reputation All Over The World, and it won’t be long before we’re all hearing more from Paul.

The podcast closes with another Boo Hewerdine song, The Girl Who Fell In Love With The Moon … leaving us adrift on a sea of tranquility.

Many thanks to: the radio guy for the audio between the first 2 songs; to Torchomatic, Cagey House and Map for the soundbed music; and to Tragic Shellsuit Disaster for the title music.


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