electrical language no 101

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Bury The SoundGemini Unbound

I really do not know why Blogger will not let me post a link, so trying again: Bury The Sound.

Instrumental rock from this four-piece from Melbourne, Australia. Buy Bury The Sound’s excellent ep Autumn Magnets from Hidden Shoal Recordings.

Mobius BandHallie

Mobius Band creates songs that seem, at first, like something you’d hear on the radio, but they insinuate themselves in the manner of something more complex. They are circuit bent pop songs.

Slowmotion ClubParliament Square and The Gun In God’s Hand

Introduced by songwriter Anders

“Sometimes the stars align and a band that is little known, even within Sweden, comes up with a breakout song that should get them international recognition. I think The Gun In Gods Hand from their new ep Tiny Dots could be just that song for Slow Motion Club. The song is morbid and beautiful. And despite being a song ostensibly about death it is surprisingly poppy.” swedesplease.net

MonocleWave Goodbye

Monocle is a band from Brooklyn…Sunny, Rich, Matt, Dan, Max. Ten hands, textures and melodies, transistors and inner tubes, waves and fiberglass, alien moonlit dinners, harmonic tartar… band biology: keyboards, transistor organs, guitar saturation and dry intimacy, vox everywhere, drums and bass. Invented in 2005. Buy the album Outer Sunset on Hidden Shoal Recordings.

This week’s soundbed music is Gravity Breaks by The The Buddy System. The title music is by Tragic Shell Suit Disaster.

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