electrical language no 100

Podcast no 100! To celebrate, I give you 18 new songs. 16 are by artists who have previously featured on the podcast, all introduced by the artists themselves. The other 2 are introduced by podcasting friends who crashed the party!

Now, there are over 90 minutes for you to listen to, so podcast no 100 comes in 2 separate parts or episodes.

To enter the competition for a top quality prize, send your answer in an e-mail to lectriclingo@gmail.com. Closing date 15 December 2007.

Part 1
Play – 47:19 mins
(click button) (right-click on button to download)

Part 2
Play – 47:34 mins
(click button) (right-click on button to download)

Part 1

Finniston – Love Is Hard To Find

Shy Girl – I Love Love On The Beat

Id Guinness – Cure For The Common Crush

– The Sum Of Us

Leona Naess – Charm Attack (introduced by Alan from Darkhorse Radio)

Venture Electric – Leave Alone

Ruddinn – Cross Section

Vote Show Pony – Dirty Words

A Band Called Quinn – D.I.Y

Part 2

The Neon Company – Falling Skies And Stars On Fire

The Hussy’s – We Expected (introduced by Grant from Three From Leith)

Andrea Gerak – Rorogwela (Sunset Mix)

Cagey House – Two For Top Cat

The 4th Parallel – DS1

Future Music – Dancing With Julia

Elk City – Los Cruzados

Sleepthief – Entre Ciel Et Mer

The Free Press – Love And Wonder

As always, the title music is by Tragic Shell Suit Disaster.


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