electrical language no 102

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GlassacreSeptember 16th

September 16th sees Glassacre at the height of their craft. The track is a tightly woven, intimately crafted piece of textured pop. Guitars coated in dark honey play against rolling drums as Chris Masons haunting vocals ring out across an altered twilight.As the song rallies to a kind of defeated triumph with the repeated vocal line This is your stop, everything shifts and the track takes a sharp 90 degree turn into a dark corridor.

Buy Glassacre at Hidden Shoal Recordings.

Farewell RedemptionGet By

Farewell Redemption is guitarist/composer Jordan Pier and lyricist/vocalist Cristina Negron. Their music encompasses embracing lyrics, passionately delivered by a powerful voice, melodic, dramatic, and intricately performed acoustic guitars, electric guitars and keyboards. Driving, rock drumbeats set an exciting pace and a moving groove.

Buy their music on:

or at CDbaby

Jupiter OneCountdown

Named after the failed starship in the geeky 60s TV cult fave Lost In Space, Jupiter One was formed in 2003 by singer/guitarist K Ishibashi, keyboardists Zac Colwell and Mocha, bassist Ben Wright, and drummer Dave Heilman. The New York-based five-piece produce an electrifying, invigorating sound that recall the pogo-party frenzy of the late 70s-early 80s underground club scene but with a contemporary guitar punch that has drawn comparisons to the Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and Bloc Party.

Buy their album Jupiter One direct from the band via their website

or via

Blood Red SunAll At Once and So It Goes

Blood Red Sun has been called a thinking mans band – one that revels in confronting listeners with real issues and dismisses songs that do not inspire feelings in their fans.

Musically, the bands we are drawn to, like the Clash and early-U2, have portrayed how societies choices effect the individual. There is a sincerity that is embedded in the foundation of certain music that wont allow a listener to disregard its message. Once you know this, how can you ever make anything less than honest?

Buy the album A Nation of saviors:

You have one week left to enter the competion to win one of 3 copies of the Neon Riot ep by The Neon Company. Just send an e-mail and tell me what is making this buzz: listen. You can hear it as part of the song Falling Skies And Stars On Fire on podcast 100 part 2. In today’s podcast I gave a clue, so you will have to listen!

This week’s soundbed music is Best Kept Secrets by Nick and Gerald. The title music is by Tragic Shell Suit Disaster.

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