electrical language no 103

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White Swan Black SwanOut Of Control

Together, White Swan Black Swan are Sonya Waters and Ben Howe formerly of Fang, Ricky McShane from The Chainsaw Masochist and Ben Furnace from Surrealistic. White Swan is the songs of Sonya Waters and Black Swan are the songs of Ben Howe; different songs and a different sound – but the people making them are the same.

Combined, White Swan Black Swan have veered left of their indie-rock roots to explore different territories. The music is littered with acoustic pianos, cool Fender Rhodes tones, outmoded synthesizers drones , chiming hollow body guitars and spaced out old sound effects. McShane’s drums give the music a swing into 60’s cool jazz or a lurch into a European funereal march. Imagine these songs in a Lynch or Fellini soundtrack, a mix of south-of-the-border country combined with psychedelic folk.

Buy White Swan Black Swan at Arch Hill Recordings.

Tragic Shell Suit Disaster Click Of Her Fingers

Tragic Shell Suit Disaster is Dave Kenny, an Englishman living in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am sure that you know that TSSD wrote and performed the title music for the podcast. This is what he said in a comment on podcast no 39, about his album Dancing With The Muse from which Click Of Her Fingers is taken:

The second album ‘Dancing with the Muse’ is all about girls, whether they be observations made on the girl who works across the road from me (paper box) a lesbian friend (aint so blue) or someone i cant get out of my head shes so sexy (click of her fingers). Its a much much clearer album, reflecting my state of mind, much easier listening and guitarwise much more competent.

The Old-Fashioned WayRobot On Fire

Gritty Leonard Cohen-esque vocals, a swarm of multi-talented musicians and a dazzling array of weird instruments erupt from the stage when the seven members of The Old-Fashioned Way strike their first note. Having been compared to both The Arcade Fire and Architecture in Helsinki, this SF-based indie rock outfit shifts easily between layered synth-pop and melancholic, guitar-driven dance rock.

The Moon WhispersNever Give Up and the Moon Whispers

Many Thanks to listener Scott Irwin who recommended the music of New Zealander Elisa di Napoli and her band The Moon Whispers. In fact Never Give Up is a collaboration under the name Existence with fellow New Zealander Bruce Jamieson.

Blending together melodic guitar, powerful drums, atmospheric flute and cello and hypnotic emotionally charged vocals, The Moon Whispers is a strong original band with lyrical depth. Their set is dynamic, ranging from mellow ballads to heavier energetic rock with a dark edge. Offering a visually stimulating performance with elaborate costumes The Moon Whispers music is best described as melancholic inspiring and beautiful.

Buy The Moon Whispers at Powertool Records.

This week’s soundbed music is Landlocked by Human Response. The title music is by Tragic Shell Suit Disaster.


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