electrical language no 106

Play – 33:42 mins (click button)

(right-click on button to download)

The first electrical language of 2008, so Happy New Year to all.

A bit of housekeeping. You can now find this page at http://www.electricallanguage.co.uk. That automatically brings you here, no need for the forwardslashdotpodcastdothtml any more.

Also please record your idents for the show and e-mail to lectriclingo@gmail.com. If your name is Fred Smith, you can say

I‘m Fred Smith from [place, band etc] and you are listening to electrical language


I’m Fred Smith from [place, band etc] and when I’m not [you make this bit up!] I like to listen to electrical language

The music in electrical language 106:

Scarlet BlondeWhenever, Whatever (Industrial mix)

CoconiGet Your Light Up

Reality Serum – Here We Go

Escape Story – Fruit and Fear & Fire

This week’s soundbed music is White Hotel by Torchomatic. The title music is by Tragic Shell Suit Disaster.


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