electrical language 123

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After a disaster involving not saving I have re-recorded podcast 123, and since doing so I have remembered odd bits I said first time round but did not on doing it again. When I started this morning I was a bit worried about saying “play up Pompey” as I recorded this morning, but all’s well: Portsmouth have won the FA Cup. The picture on the left is of the Spinnaker Tower overlooking Portsmouth Harbour. Maybe it’s me that I jinxed, not Pompey.

And thank you top everyone who e-mailed me with birthday wishes. Grant Mason sent me a card with a photo of Perry. His cousin, I think. Check out It’s A Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast – I played the promo between the first two songs.

The Seeded PlanetWhispering
A strong song to open with, reminds me of Peter Gabriel.

Lisa deBenedictisUnaffected (Below OakHonour remix)

Also played in Autumn 2007. I need to find a way of making this podcast blog searchable! I found this song on Magnatune.com, on an album of remixes of Lisa’s song “Below”.

The EndlessHuntington
I played Lee Miller by this fantastic band in podcast 121. See the shownotes to that podcast for David and adriana’s explanation, then listen to that podcast again.
I mean it, the album The Republic of Heaven is so, so good. And originally I said that the guitar sound in Huntington sort of, and very obscurely, reminds me of Waterfall by The Stone Roses. Any comment, anyone?


Stereomovers – Scarlet

The Stereomovers admit to being influenced by The Stone Roses!

Blackstrap – Repulsion and Winning Speech
Blackstrap do not admit to The Stone Roses amongst their influences, but should!

This week’s soundbed music is Sadness of the Sea by Umbriel Rising. The title music is by Tragic Shell Suit Disaster.

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electrical language welcomes submissions of music. If you would like to submit music please read this post

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