electrical language no 144

Play – 42:20 mins (click button) (right-click on button to download)

Sorry livewire, but this is a long podcast. If you have a view about the length of these podcasts, or about anything else to do with electrical language, please leave a comment below!

Michael E – Kiss

a chilled instrumental to start off with.





Morphey – The Lion

And I have just bought a download of their album, Dreamcatcher. It is really good. I’m sure I’ll be playing Morphey again.


Dudley Saunders – Love Song For Jeffrey Dahmer
& The Winding Sheet

Dark songs, the tone and texture of the words contrasts with the beautiful music and singing.



School Of Seven Bells – Half Asleep

Great pop song



The Transporters – My Escape & Close My Eyes

Thanks to Melinda, and also to Grace B. 2 Excellent songs by this band from South Wales. The Valleys are alive with the sound of music!

This week’s soundbed music is Winter Sun by More Human Than Human. The title music is by Tragic Shell Suit Disaster.

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electrical language welcomes submissions of music. If you would like to submit music please read this post

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