electrical language no 169

Play – 49:20 mins (right-click this link to download)

You have probably heard me mention Melinda, a listener from Sopron in Hungary.  A few weeks ago, I suggested to her that she should pick a couple of songs and we could chat about them.  It kind of snowballed.  Melinda found all the music for this podcast, and really she is the one presenting it, occasionally prodded by me.  She even put together the running order.

I am afraid that the sound quality on the skype connection and the recording was far from perfect, and there are all sorts of funny background bangs and whistles.  I wasn’t able to clean them all out.

This week’s image is the Fountain of Fidelity, erected in Sopron in 2003.

Melinda’s choices of music:

Desire Lines, by Sirk from Norway

Party For The Weak by Stars For The Banned from Vienna, Austria

Tears (Pabloslam remix) by Naked Woods from Budapest, Hungary

Lo Que Pasa by Caracas Underpop, also from Budapest, Hungary

These Days by Robin Grey, from England

Finally, I asked Melinda to select one song that I have played before, but not to tell me until we got to that point in our conversation.  Her selection:

Anchors Away by North Atlantic Explorers from Vancouver, Canada

If you would like to participate in a similar podcast (even if only suggesting a couple of songs and having a short chat), please send me an e-mail

This week’s soundbed music is Sadness Of The Sea by Umbriel Rising, Book Of Clouds And Rain by Secret Archives Of The Vatican and Desire Lines by Sirk. The title music is by Tragic Shell Suit Disaster.


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electrical language welcomes submissions of music. If you would like to submit music please read this post

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7 responses to “electrical language no 169

  1. Hi folks,
    Sorry for my horrible pronounciation! Hope you enjoy the music! 🙂

  2. nincs problema!

  3. Just wanted to share two other important sources, which were left out eventually, go to Naked Woods’ Youtube channel at


    and you can find further Pabloslam remixes and collaborations here


  4. thank you so much for playing my song, that is a great honor which made me shiver while listening, I am not used to people talking about my music. but it feels very nice after all 🙂 I posted the link to this podcast wherever I could, hopefully that also brings electrical language a few fresh ears!

    greets and love,


  5. Robi – and all the other artists: it was my pleasure. These were 6 really good songs.

    Everyone: apologies for the mess-up with the download link. I’ve fixed it now. Melinda did try to tell me.

  6. thank you very much for the words and for posting our music, and I’m very proud to share this audiospace with the other artists

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