electrical language no 171

Play – 40:11 mins (right-click this link to download)

This week I bring you 6 songs.  I tried to be a bit less “Radio 2” than I feel I have been in the last few weeks.  Good songs, but nothing obviously poppy.

Sppoky Tooth, by Termini from Australia

Enter The Rain by Commandante Zero from Brooklyn

Parson’s Code by The Undiscovered Country from Brooklyn

3,000 Lines Of Defense by Geri X, from Bulgaria / Florida

Umbrella by Jennings, from Nashville and New York

Headbanging Funk by MK-O, from Athens, Greece

This week’s soundbed music is Transitions and New Town by March Rosetta. The title music is by Tragic Shell Suit Disaster.


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electrical language welcomes submissions of music. If you would like to submit music please read this post

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One response to “electrical language no 171

  1. Hey Gabor,
    Thanks so much for playing Umbrella. I really appreciate your support.

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