Overnight, Libsyn stats showed that the 100,000 download mark has been passed.  Right now it’s 100,011.

As I write, the most downloaded episode is no 17, with 1,899 downloads in the 3 years since I recorded it. For a long time it was no 51, called “party time wasting is too much fun”, which was the first to hit 1,000 downloads, but that one is now lagging behind at no 3 on 1,428 downloads.

Just so you know, typically each episode of electrical language has 100 to 120 downloads after 1 week, rising to anywhere between 150 and 300 after 3 months.  This has been the picture for over 2 years.

The most downloads in one month was May 2008: 5,522.  since then the graph has been very up and down.

I suspect that:-

  • I have a revolving core of  around 100 regular listeners
  • Some people download the lot – but don’t listen to them all
  • When an individual episode “takes off” in download numbers, it is down to one or more of the artists and their fans.

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