electrical language no 187

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Back from a week away with Richard in which we drove 1,452.5 miles (about 2,320 km) in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands (just!) and Germany. The plan was for Richard and I to record segments for the podcast every day, but that never happened. I did, however, put the playlist together while we were away.

Also, I cannot understand how I had never previously heard of Love And Rockets, given that they were three quarters of one of my favourite post-punk bands Bauhaus.  The Stone Foxes cover of Fever is the best example I have played in a very long time of that major strand of my musical taste.  One day I’ll break all the rules and play Double Dare!

Everyone Comes To Life by Goonies Never Say Die

Cinnamon by Jimmy Mancus

Reflection of the Television by The Twilight Sad

Absence by Bloodwire

Feelings Of Small by Lindsay D’Arcy

Fever by The Stone Foxes

Ships With Holes Will Sink by We Were Promised Jetpacks

The soundbed music is Black And Blue by Alien Seduction. The title music is by Tragic Shell Suit Disaster.
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