Podcrawl – I survived!

and here you see some earnest podcasting discussions taking place.  Many thanks to Adnams brewery for their support.  Without their Broadside real ale, the conversation might not have been so earnest!

going round the group, starting front left:

  • Sarah Morrison (Insomnia Radio New York)
  • Justin Wayne – well the top of Justin’s head (Justin Wayne Show)
  • Colin Gazeley (ourobouros podcast)
  • Rowley Cutler (Dark Compass)
  • Dave Lee (The Bugcast)
  • The Grumbler (Music and Mumblings)
  • Pete Cogle (pcpodcast)

One response to “Podcrawl – I survived!

  1. Funny. I don’t remember all this ernest conversation. The shot must have been set up after I left. 🙂
    No matter how studiously ernest of manner, how can anyone wearing a bright red Mo expect to be taken seriously?
    It could just be that it was taken during the legendary synchronised pod-poodle finger counting display. I understand that they use it as a rough and ready indicator of sobriety (or lack of). They are certainly rough but I’m not entirely sure that Sarah and Colin are quite ready.
    I also suspect a bit of prompting going on in the back row.

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