electrical language no 194

Play – 57:00 mins (right-click this link to download)
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This edition of electrical language will also be played on Pulse 98.4 community radio in East Renfrewshire, Scotland.

This is the first of 2 podcasts in which I play a selection of songs that have featured on electrical language in 2009.  Come back soon for part 2, in electrical language no 195.

And I wish you all a Happy New Year.  Many thanks to everyone who has supported this podcast and independent music in 2009.  Please continue to do so in 2010.

The Winter by Balmorhea

900 Miles by Bethany & Rufus

3,000 Lines Of Defense by Geri X

35mm by Oliver Benjamin Thayer

1969 by The Eisenhowers

The Smack Of Pavement In Your Face by Shirley Lee

Everything’s OK by Zemmy

Tears (Pabloslam remix) by Naked Woods

Fluff Girl (acoustic) by A Band Called Quinn

A Million Years Ago by The Kathy Fleischmann Band

The soundbed music is Desire Lines by Sirk. The title music is by Tragic Shell Suit Disaster.

To subscribe to electrical language, either click on the iTunes link on the “subscribe” page or cut and paste the feed url into your podcatcher software: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/theelectricallanguagepodcast
electrical language welcomes submissions of music. If you would like to submit music please read this post
Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence

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