Response to podcast no 200

I have had lots of positive response to podcast no 200.  Not just the comments here, but via e-mail, twitter, facebook etc.  Thank you all so much.

I felt I had to share this one.  It is from someone I know in another aspect of my life online.  She had never listened to electrical language before.

Just finished listening. Excellent podcast Gabor!

I really enjoyed it. Knowing you’re a rock ‘n’ roll fan I was concerned it wouldn’t be my thing but wow, I was really impressed by The Free Press.

As soon as the first track started and I heard the guy singing my first thought was, he really sounds like James Dean Bradfield, alot.

Thinking that may be a one off, I was pleasantly surprised that his voice was consistent throughout. They band have a Manics feel about them. Loved the wee Papa Was A Rolling Stone bit, superb! 

They seem a really friendly, humble bunch too, no bravado, just a group of intelligent, sincere guys.

Well done them and you!

I forwarded that comment to The Free Press, and Mick Torbay says:

What a great thing for someone to take the time to write.  Our job … live up to this praise.

Mine too.

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