electrical language no 206

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This week’s music:

Intro / The Commonfield by Emerald Park (Sweden)

Double Down Quick by Hot Bitch Arsenal (USA)

Won’t Get Fooled Again by Luciano (Jamaica)

Would You Cry by Buddhuza (Georgia)

Vermilion Plaza by Deastro (Detroit, USA)

Sugarcane by Jazica (Southampton, UK)

World Sick by Broken Social Scene (Toronto, Canada)

The soundbed music is Rock Steady by Ras Nabu. The title music is by Tragic Shell Suit Disaster.


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electrical language welcomes submissions of music. If you would like to submit music please read this post

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3 responses to “electrical language no 206

  1. Another great podcast Gabor. Loving the sunshine vibe!

    So pleased you played Hot Bitch Arsenal. Amie Street has an incredibly sensual voice. The Secrets in Tiny Pockets cd should be in everyone’s collection!

    And some Reggae? Wonderful! Good choice too. Luciano’s version of Wont Get Fooled Again is superb. Just what summer evenings were made for.

    When you were talking about Broken Social Scene you played an instrumental track in the background, what was it?


  2. Thanks, as always, Suze. The music I talk over is the “soundbed”. If you see, I give it a little credit towards the bottom of each set of shownotes, in this case “The soundbed music is Rock Steady by Ras Nabu”. I think I got it from IODA Promonet, but can’t be sure. I’ve used it 3 or 4 times. I played the full track in no 164 – the one podcast I have never got round to posting full links for.

  3. So there I was watching the DVD of The Time Traveller’s Wife when what do I notice in the credits? The band that played in the wedding was none other than Broken Social Scene, and I though “I remember them! They were played on Electrical Language, weren’t they?” So I came here to check, and I was right! What odds would I get for listening to your podcast then watching this movie in the same week?

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