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This morning I spoke to Louise Quinn and Bal Cooke of A Band Called Quinn.  Last year the band had a central role in the Vanishing Point theatre company production of The Beggar’s Opera.  The album The Beggars Opera was released last week.  A fascinating project, and I am kicking myself that I didn’t go to see the production when it was in Coventry.  The show must have been amazing, and here’s what Rebus author Ian Rankin says:

But the music…. The music was everything. Singer Louise Quinn dressed the part and proved herself no mean actor, especially when MacHeath came to call. Guitars, drums and keyboards churned and writhed. The lyrics added layers to Gay’s original theme. I left the theatre stunned and wanting to experience it all again.

Here’s the trailer, to give you a flavour.

The 4 songs played are:

  • Here’s To Us
  • The Fuse
  • Wolf Cries Boy
  • He’s A Dog (feat Maxi Geil)

Buy the album at bandcamp

The title music is by Tragic Shell Suit Disaster.


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4 responses to “electrical language no 216

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  2. Awesome podcast Gabor!
    Loved it, love them! They’re so good and not as ‘poppy’ – ooh topcial – as I thought they’d be.
    Their songs reminded a little of the group Japan, loved them too!

  3. Just incredible. Really well done and I’m kicking myself for being across the ocean.

    One question: The bandcamp version of “He’s a Dog” is sans Geil. While Louise’s voice is incredible, I’d really like to get my hands on the version with the male singer … any chance of learning where that was sourced from?

  4. BAH! Found it! Bandcamp for the win, I was just impatient. Thanks!

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