electrical language no 219

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BREAKING NEWS: there will be a podcast next week. I promise! There is a reason for that. If you can work out the reason, send me a message, telling me what you think the reason is. Please feel free to name a song you think I should play again, or to send me a new track (artist permission needed). You haVe until Friday 17 December 2010.

This week’s music:

Exploder by Dogs Running Free

Tumble Dryer by The Kryptics

Count Me In by Cellophane Flowers

Happy by Dogs Running Free

Day by Seams

No Pain Any More by Shy Girl

Illusion Of The Liars by Shy Girl

    I wouldn’t Get Out Of Bed (For Anyone But you) by Junk

    Yes I Am by Cellophane Flowers

    The soundbed music is Dust and Book Of Clouds And Rain by Secret Archives Of The Vatican.

    The title music is by Tragic Shell Suit Disaster.


    To subscribe to electrical language, either click on the iTunes link on the “subscribe” page or cut and past the feed url into your podcatcher software: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/theelectricallanguagepodcast

    electrical language welcomes submissions of music. If you would like to submit music please read this post

    Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence

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