what’s happening with electrical language?

If you listened to electrical language 223 you will have heard me talking about the end of the hosting arrangement with Libsyn.  The complementary hosting for the mp3 files that I have enjoyed for the last 5 years has now come to an end.I have just got my act together and paid $15 to purchase another month of hosting with Libsyn, but will be closing the account at the end of March.  At that point I will download the stats, which I will post here.

I have begun the process of re-uploading the mp3 files, which will now be on the servers at archive.org. I have just done this with podcast 223.  I have edited the page on this blog so that the download link no longer points to the mp3 file at Libsyn but to the location of the file at archive.org.

I have just negotiated with my son Richard (age 15) that for a fee equivalent to about six months hosting with Libsyn he will upload all the other mp3 files to archive.org and will edit the blog pages. While he is at it he will also copy the blog posts for the first 122 podcasts from the original blogger site onto this WordPress site so that all the pod casts can be found in one place. I expect that this process will take Richard two or three months.

Before the Libsyn account closes for good at the end of March I will change the feed burner feed. The new feed will be https://electricallanguage.wordpress.com/feed – I have checked this feed by subscribing to the podcast using iTunes, and have successfully downloaded podcast 223 from the archive.org location.  hopefully, if you subscribe to the podcast using iTunes you will see no change and everything will work smoothly and seamlessly. Well, I can but hope!

If any of you have any questions or suggestions about all this, please do feel free to get in touch. You can e-mail me at lectriclingo@gmail.com.

Very grateful thanks to Peter Cogle of pcpodcast for his time in talking me through various aspects of the process.

I will be back next week with electrical language 224.

by the way, if any of this post looks a little strange it is because I have admitted using a voice recognition software – DragonDictate 10 – and have missed something in the proof reading (I am not going to correct the errors in this paragraph exhibition mark).



3 responses to “what’s happening with electrical language?

  1. We, your loyal listeners, not only appreciate all the hard work you have done to date, but appreciate more than words can express what you are doing to keep Electrical Language alive. Rock on!

  2. Will I still be able to access the podcasts without using itunes?

  3. Yes Suze, thanks for the question. If you look at the post for no 223, you will see that the play/download link is now to http://www.archive.org/download/ElectricalLanguageNo223/Telp223.mp3 – the file in its new home on archive.org. If you click on that link, the mp3 file will play from that source.

    Richard will be editing all the older posts as part of his consultancy project for me.

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