electrical language no 226

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video of electrical language 226

6 months after the last episode of electrical language, I am back.  For all kinds of reasons, including those mentioned in the podcast, I needed to take a break.

Podcast 226 was recorded in my friend Mark’s studio. in both video and audio format.  Even more worrying for me, it was all done in one take, in real time, so if I stumbled over my words there was no going back to do it again.  But it was fun, so I think we’ll do this again from time to time if Mark will let me.

By the way, Mark is the presenter of TTFN.TV – have a look.  And here are some photos taken in his studio.

I was hopelessly unprepared.  When I arrived at the studio I had not even chosen the songs.  I went through e-mails of song submissions over about the last 2 months, and chose 7 songs which all turned out to be really good.  I also slipped in a couple of older songs.

So, here they are:

Mic Check by Michael Sharpe

Spinning Into You by Blind Divine

Give Up by Low Roar

Drown Part 1 by Michael Sharpe

My Friend by Tom Jeefs

Dead Sound by The Raveonettes

Anything and As Long As I Don’t Cry by Bus Stop Dreams

Heather Nova vs Johnny Cash by Venture Electric


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electrical language welcomes submissions of music. If you would like to submit music please read this post

the complete archive of electrical language podcasts is now at archive.org
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2 responses to “electrical language no 226

  1. Noticed that the itunes link does not have this episode in it, even after the holiday break.
    Might need to do some investigation.

  2. Thanks. I’ll look into it at the weekend.

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