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sorry if I’m spamming you!

I have just been told that a friend has had 18 notifications of electrical language podcasts by e-mail.

If this is happening to you, what I am doing is copying old posts from the original Blogspot blog to this WordPress one. So far, I have done back to no 98, so there are another 97 to go.


electrical language no 226 is on its way!

It’s been recorded, so keep checking back.

Please remember the new url:

And the e-mail address

Countdown to no 226

I have started to put electrical language 226 together. It should be with you within a few days.

Many thanks for all the message of support!


electrical language dot com!

Yes, this site now has a dot com domain:

all the old urls, and should bring you here.

Preparing to re-launch

As I prepare to re-launch electrical language, I have been doing things with the feeds, for reasons given in this post.

If you wish to subscribe to electrical language, you can do so using either the wordpress feed or the feedburner feed  In fact the feedburner feed picks up the wordpress one, so they are both the same thing anyway.  However, because the wordpress feed is a large file size, I have had to restrict it to the last 25 posts.  So if you subscribe using iTunes or the like, you will no longer see the full history.

You can, however, find the full archive of podcast mp3 files at

the complete archive of electrical language podcasts is now at


reports of the death of electrical language …

… are greatly exaggerated!

electrical language has not died.

It will return. When? I am not exactly sure, but I hope within the next 3 weeks.

I will explain in the next podcast.


The complete archive of electrical language podcasts

the complete archive of electrical language podcasts is now at