Submit Music

(Updated 21 November 2012)

Would you like to submit a song or two to be considered for play on this podcast? There are just a few guidelines.

1. My only selection criterion is that I have to like the music. Why not listen to a podcast or two to find the kind of thing I like? My tastes range from acoustic to electronica to catchy pop to indie rock, but it’s by no means a closed list. I’m not that keen on heavy stuff. If I don’t like your music, it doesn’t mean that your music isn’t good. It’s a matter of my taste, and I suggest you try a few of the podcasts at the Association of Music Podcasting (I used to be a member).

2. I only play podsafe music (Wikipedia article). So if you do not have the right to permit me to play the song, please do not submit it.

3. To submit a song, please e-mail mp3 files or a link to where I can download them to Please include in the e-mail itself the obvious details like who you are (ie name of artist / band) and name of song. It also helps if you can add some information, where you’re from, any albums etc, website url, and any stories behind the songs. If you can give me links to a site where people can buy your music, I’ll post that. Also please give me links to any site eg YouTube where there may be a video of the song you have submitted and I’ll post that as well.

4. I publish the podcast as a 128 kbps mp3 file. Please encode mp3s at a bitrate of 128 kbps or higher if at all possible before sending them to me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include in the song’s ID tags the song name and the band/artist name. To get a file called “track 4″with no information to help me identify the artist is really frustrating, especially when I come back to it days, weeks or months later!

5.  That’s it! any questions: